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Laboratory Research

Research conducted in a laboratory environment entails the formulation of hypotheses, the careful design of experiments with controlled conditions, and the detailed measurement of exact results to answer questions and most importantly to raise new hypotheses. It is not just the equipment and skills therefore that separates laboratory research from clinical research, but the ability to apply experimental method in a way that is not possible in the clinical setting. Laboratory research thus provides a unique method to investigate key problems in medicine, and forms an essential part of translational research - it is the ‘bench’ in “bench to bedside”.

Whilst clinical research is commonly encountered during medical training and employment, exposure to laboratory research is limited to those who directly seek out the opportunity and is therefore foreign to most doctors. The IAS therefore seeks to introduce laboratory research to a wider audience, and to foster linkages and opportunities between laboratory researchers and those interested in / pursuing a surgical career. This will be achieved through the development of the following:

  • A Lab Research Open Day, providing Medical Research Institutes with an opportunity to showcase their research to medical students, residents, and registrars / surgical trainees

  • An ‘Introduction to Laboratory Research Course’ to introduce interested doctors to experimental methods, common laboratory methods, animal research, and available postgraduate courses

  • An Institute of Academic Surgery conference, where RPA researchers can present the results of their work in the laboratory

In addition, please follow the links provided to Medical Research Institutes around RPA that conduct laboratory research, to find further information on their areas of interest and current activities and opportunities.

Finally please feel free to contact Michael Byrom, Director of Laboratory Research at the IAS, for advice regarding undertaking Lab Research.

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Current research training courses within SLHD

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