Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Institute of Academic Surgery

Head & Neck Surgery


Head of Department: A/Prof Carsten Palme
Research Lead: Prof Jonathan Clark
Education Lead: Dr Hubert Low

Team Members:

Prof Jonathan Clark - Clinical Fellowship Program Director and Head and Neck Research Program Director

A/Prof Sydney Ch'ng - Head and Neck Research Meeting Co-ordinator

A/Prof Michael Elliott - Translational Research Co-ordinator

Dr Kerwin Shannon - Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute Director

Dr Anthony Clifford

A/Prof Ruta Gupta - Pathological Research Co-ordinator

A/Prof Guy Lyons - Senior Hospital Scientist

Mr Kan Gao - Data Manager

Ms Nadia Rosin - Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute Development Officer

Honorary Appointment

Dr Ardalan Ebrahimi - Clinical Research and Database Co-ordinator

Dr Timothy Eviston - Sydney Head and Neck Research Group Co-ordinator

Dr Peter Aquilina

Nursing Researchers

Sr Justine Oates

Sr Catriona Froggatt

Sr Sarah Davies



Key Research Themes
  • Metastatic skin cancer prognosis and staging

  • Predicting nodal metastases in high risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

  • Oral cancer prognosis and staging

  • Head and Neck cancer patient education and support (CHANCES program)

  • Facial reanimation and bionic eye closure

  • Microvascular reconstruction of the head and neck

  • Salivary gland tumours

  • Thyroid cancer (A/Prof Michael Elliot)

  • DNA sequencing of head and neck tumours (A/Prof Ruta Gupta)


Recent Publications










Key Education & Training Activities

  • Graduate Medical Program University of Sydney

  • PhD, Masters and Honours student supervision

  • Sydney Head and Neck Dissection Course (annual)

  • Head and Neck registrar training program ( monthly)

CONTACTS (general for department)

Contact: Professor Jonathan Clark
Phone: 0437 325 728