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The processes of delegation and escalation are central to both clinical care and to education and training. As highlighted in the Garling Report (2008), supervision of junior doctors is an area of weakness in our hospital system. The problem is present in other clinical disciplines, but to a lesser degree.

Delegation of clinical care needs to be structured, explicit and predictable. Escalation of care needs to be on the basis of clearly understood parameters, with well understood lines of communication.

The IAS will be in the forefront of advances in this area, and of research into the impact of changes.

The skills and knowledge to be a good supervisor are not innate or necessarily born of experience in patient care alone. The IAS will work closely with the Medical Training Unit and HETI to make the best of all available resources to ensure that all RPA clinical staff are trained to be good supervisors, especially in perioperative care.

Please feel free to contact David Storey, Director of Surgical Education at the IAS, for more information or advice regarding surgical supervision.