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Chances of Conception

For couples experiencing infertility due to an extremely low (or zero) sperm count, no ovulation or completely blocked fallopian tubes assisted reproduction is the only way a pregnancy is possible.  Couples with subfertility have a chance of becoming pregnant naturally, but the chance is reduced by factors such as low sperm count, irregular ovulation, endometriosis, scarring of the fallopian tubes, fibroids or the increasing age of the woman. In about 20% of couples no explanation for their subfertility can be found. For these patients, assisted reproduction can speed up the process of becoming pregnant.

Assisted reproduction aims to increase your chance of pregnancy by enhancing what happens in nature, through increasing the number of sperm that reach the egg, and/or increasing the number of eggs that are available for fertilisation.

The chance of pregnancy with any assisted reproduction technique will depend on:

  • The woman's age
  • The reason(s) why pregnancy has not happened naturally
  • The strength and quality of the embryos that are produced.