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Short (Flare) cycles

What is an short (flare)cycle?

This is a short IVF treatment cycle, using a slightly different drug regime from a normal IVF cycle.

Who is it for?

Women who have had a poor response in previous IVF cycles, or a high FSH level.

Drugs used inshort (flare)cycles

  • FSH (Gonal F / Puregon): stimulates the ovaries to produce multiple follicles.
  • Orgalutron (Ganirelix): prevents spontaneous ovulation. (This drug is very expensive and is an out-of-pocket expense.)
  • HCG trigger injection (Pregnyl / Ovidrel): triggers the follicle to release the egg.
  • Mid-luteal support medications (Crinone or Pregnyl): Mid luteal support to maintain endometrial thickness.

Possible complications

As for IVF. There is also a risk of spontaneous ovulation (ovaries releasing eggs before egg collection).

Pregnancy rate

Pregnancy rates are lower than for IVF cycles as patients who require Ganirelix are generally more difficult to stimulate.