Medical Genomics / Clinical Genetics

Your Appointment

What happens at a clinical genetics appointment?

A genetics appointment can take up to one hour. During this time, we collect your personal medical history as well as a detailed family medical history. Sometimes a physical examination is required, and clinical photographs may be taken. If the appointment is for your baby or child, it is useful to bring along any relevant medical test results or letters from other doctors and specialists.

What to bring to your (or your child's) appointment?

  • Referral letter from your doctor

  • Medicare card

  • Family photographs, for example, baby and childhood photos (of parents too if your child has been referred)

Information, including photographs, collected during your appointment is recorded in your genetic file, which is separate to the main hospital medical record. We will not share any of the information from your genetic file without your consent.

Further details regarding your health information can be found here:  www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/personalInfo.html

Where to find us?

The location of your appointment will be communicated to you via letter or email. Most appointments take place in the Ambulatory Care Clinic on Level 5 of the main building at RPA Hospital. Please check in and present your Medicare card at the front desk . Some appointments take place at the Fetal Medicine Unit, which is also on Level 5 next to the Ambulatory Care Clinic. Occasionally appointments are located in the Cardiology Outpatient Clinic on Level 6.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can be a costly and complex process, and genetic testing may not be helpful in every circumstance. At your appointment we will discuss the availability of genetic testing and the potential advantages, disadvantages and limitations of testing. If testing is undertaken, this usually requires a blood test. 


Already have a video call appointment scheduled?

If you have confirmed a video call appointment with a member of the team, you will have been sent appointment details. The following link will direct you to the "waiting area" for your appointment. We advise you (or your local health provider) to test this service on the computer you intend to use for the appointment ahead of time to ensure your computer/microphone is compatible: Healthdirect video call