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David Wickham Storey

David Wickham Storey



RPA Institute of Academic Surgery
Level 9, Main Clinical Building, RPA Missenden Rd Camperdown



Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Science (Medical) Hons ll
University of Sydney

Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Hons ll
University of Sydney


Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS)
1985 Visiting Medical Officer & Head of Department (2012) Hepatopancreaticobiliary & Upper GI Surgery, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
2005-2012 Visiting Medical Officer The Mater Private Hospital, Sydney
2002-2011 Visiting Medical Officer Hepatopancreaticobiliary & Upper GI Surgery, Concord Repatriation General Hospital
2014 Director of Surgical Education RPA Institute of Academic Surgery
2009 Director of Training Sydney South West Surgical Skills Network, HETI
2009 Clinical Associate Professor University of Sydney
Professional / Community  
2013 Clinical Advisor NSW Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC)
2012 Member RCA Review Committee, NSW CEC
2011 Member

Skills & Education Committee, Royal Australian College of Surgeons


Key Themes / Research Interest

  1. Surgical supervision

  2. Surgical skills and simulation training methods

  3. The development and introduction of new training techniques and models

  4. The effectiveness of surgical training

  5. Gastric carcinoma
Research Output Total Number      
Journal articles published: 35      
Presentations: 21      
Book Chapters: 1      
Editorials / Letters to Editor 1      

Top 5 Publications
  1. Storey DW, Bown SG, Swain CP, Salmon PR, Kirkham JS, Northfield TC. Endoscopic prediction of recurrent bleeding in peptic ulcers. New England J of Medicine 1981 305(16) 915 6.

  2. Swain CP, Storey DW, Bown SG, Heath J, Mills TN, Salmon PR, North¬field TC, Kirkham JS, O'Sullivan JP. Nature of the visible vessel in recurrently bleeding gastric ulcers. Gastroenterology 1986 90 595 608

  3. M.Findlay, D.W. Storey, Vl Gebski, C Hargreaves, G Cullingford, M Boyer, J Trotter, et al A pilot study of pre-operative and post-operative chemotherapy in patients with operable gastric cancer: Australian gastrointestinal studies group study 9601. ANZ Journal of Surgery 2007 77 247-252

  4. Storey DW. Endoscopic cautery using the heater probe as an alterna¬tive to operation for massive gastroduodenal haemorrhage. Gastroentero¬logia Japonica 1991 26 Suppl 3 66-70

  5. Clin Nutr. 2011 Jun 30. Long term nutritional status and quality of life following major upper gastrointestinal surgery - A cross-sectional study.Carey S, Storey D, Biankin AV, Martin D, Young J, Allman-Farinelli M
Teaching Activities
  1. Co-coordinator and instructor of Graduate Diploma in Essential Surgical Skills (HETI)

  2. Surgical Skills instructor for surgical aspirants from intern to SET levels

  3. Instructor in Graduate Diploma in Anatomy by Dissection at University of New England, Armidale 2003 -

  4. Instructor, HETI / UWS Surgical Science Intensive Course 2009 -

  5. Instructor for MBBS Students at University of Sydney: Year 1 Communications, Year 3-4 Surgery, Surgical Skills PrINT students