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Professor Michael Solomon

Michael Solomon




Suite 415 RPA Medical Centre, 100 Carillon Ave, Newtown, 2042

(02) 9519 7576


Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) with Bachelor of the Art of Obstetrics - BAO (Hons)
National University of Ireland


Higher Degree

Master of Science (Clinical Epidemiology)
University of Toronto



FRACS Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS)

2014 Visiting Medical Officer Colorectal Surgery RPA
1996 Clinical Professor Discipline of Surgery, University of Sydney
2014 Chairman RPA Institute of Academic Surgery
2002 Director and Head Surgical Outcomes Research Centre (SOuRCe), University of Sydney and Sydney Local Health District
1996 Academic Head Department of Colorectal Surgery, University of Sydney and Sydney Local Health District
Professional / Community  
2013 Board Member Cancer Institute of New South Wales Australia
2002 - 2004 Past President Colorectal Surgical Society of Australasia
2002 - 2007 Past Chairman Training Board in Colorectal Surgery, RACS & CSSANZ

Key Themes / Research Interest

  1. Pelvic exenteration for recurrent cancer; surgical techniques, outcomes and quality of life

  2. RCT’s in Surgery

  3. Patient and Clinician decision analysis and preference measurements, quality of life.

  4. Minimally invasive colorectal surgery.

  5. Inflammatory bowel disease, aetiology and surgery
Research Output Total Number   Research Output Total Number
Journal articles published: 225   Presentations: 96
Abstracts published: 97   Conferences: 151 Chaired 6
Book Chapters: 13   Grants: Peer 29, $17,812,730
Editorials / Letters to Editor 32   Grants: Non-peer 10, $696,074

Top 5 Publications
  1. Milne T, Solomon MJ, Lee P, Young JM, Stalley P, Harrison JD, Austin KKS.  Sacral resection with pelvic exenteration for advanced primary and recurrent pelvic cancer: a single institution experience of 100 sacrectomies. Diseases of the Colon & Rectum 2014; 57: 1153–1161 as well as previous smaller series in Annals of Surgery 2013; 258:1007–1013

  2. Solomon MJ, Tan KK, Bromilow RG, Al-Mozany N, Lee PJ. Sacrectomy via the Abdominal Approach During Pelvic Exenteration. Diseases of the Colon & Rectum. 2014; 57:272-277

  3. Young JM, Badgery-Parker T, Masya LM, King M, Koh C, Lynch AC, Heriot AG, Solomon MJ. Quality of life and other patient-reported outcomes following exenteration for pelvic malignancy.  British Journal of Surgery 2014; 101: 277-287

  4. Solomon MJ, McLeod RS et al. Randomized controlled trials in surgery. Surgery 1994; 115(6):707-712  and Surgery 1995; 118(3):459-467

  5. Allardyce R, Bagshaw P, Frampton C, Frizelle F, Hewett P, Rieger N, Smith S, Solomon MJ,  Stevenson A. The Australasian Laparoscopic Colon Cancer Study (ALCCaS). Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery, 2008; 78(10): 832-833
Student Supervision  
Degree Completed Current
PhD 5 4
Masters 25 3
Honours 2 0
MD 2 0
Teaching Activities
  1. Master of Surgery SOuRCe I; Development and measurement of surgical health outcomes.

  2. Master of Surgery SOuRCe II; Theory and application to surgical research.

  3. Applied Laparoscopic Surgery

  4. Post Fellowship Colorectal Training

  5. Exenteration and Pelvic Anatomy