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The mentors of our RPA academic surgeons

A/Prof David Storey

Who was your mentor(s)?

I have had one significant mentor during my career who was Professor James May. I was also lucky enough to have two informal mentors in David Glen and Brian Morgan

Where and when did you first meet them?

During my time as a registrar at RPA, roughly in 1975.

Why did they have such a big influence on your career?

Professor James May instigated my position as a new consultant at RPA upon my return from working abroad in London. He really helped me get established as a young surgeon. Professor May also helped source funding for obtaining the very first endoscopes at the hospital.

What were the characteristics that made them a good mentor for you?

Professor James May provided deliberate surgical mentoring and was ahead of his time. He was also a fantastic surgical delegator with a very forward approach. His ability to always be available with the manner of up most professionalism was something I greatly admired. Professor May also had a quick wit and good sense of humour, which made working with him enjoyable.

How long did the mentoring relationship last?

Professor James May's mentoring was ongoing and continued throughout my career as a surgical educator.