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CDC 2000 Post-natal Percentile Charts

The table below provides a tool to calculate percentiles for post-natal weight, length and head circumference. Use this calculator for babies who are past 40 weeks corrected. The calculation utilises the L, M and S which are available from here. Please note that no responsibility can be accepted for the use of this calculator. Go here for methodology.

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Post-Natal Percentile Calculator


Enter values for red items. Dates MUST be in dd/mm/yyyy format
Date of Birth: Date of measurement: Gestation at birth: weeks
Sex (M=1; F=2): Corrected age: weeks Corrected age: months
Weight: Kg Weight Percentile:  
Length: cm Length Percentile:  
Head circ.: cm HC Percentile:  

Please report any problems with the calculator to the author (Dr Philip Beeby)