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Cardiac Ultrasound

Practical Cardiac Ultrasound for the Neonatologist.

Two interactive multimedia programs
Developed by:
A/Prof Nick Evans and Dr Girvan Malcolm

Program 1: Imaging and Doppler of the normal heart.

This program is a pragmatic 'how to do it' guide to cardiac ultrasound which focuses on the basics of image acquisition and Doppler assessment of blood flow.

Ultrasound is about mentally converting a 3D structure into a series of 2D cuts. This program makes innovative use of 3D digital modelling of the heart to facilitate understanding of spatial anatomy. The result is a powerful learning tool, which lifts the shroud of mystery from this skill.


Program 2: Functional and Structural Cardiac Ultrasound 

The advanced program is about how to use cardiac ultrasound in the NICU.

The primary  role for the neonatologist in using cardiac ultrasound on the NICU is haemodynamic assessment of the sick baby. So this program focuses on how to make those measurements but also includes how to approach the pattern recognition of common congenital heart disease. This program is interactive and  primarily video-based.