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Newborn Care

RPA Newborn Care Nursing Guidelines


  Disclaimer: These clinical aids are made available on-line as a stimulus for interchange of knowledge and ideas in the field of Neonatology. They are provided "as-is" and without support or warranty of any kind. Many of the protocols presented here may not be appropriate for use in nurseries other than at RPA, especially in non-Australian institutions. Some items are more up to date than others. Although we use these materials ourselves, and have verified all information to the best of our ability, no responsibility is accepted for their use outside this department

Abdominal wall defects
Administration of EBM (under review)
Administration of incorrect EBM (under review)
Action plan, incorrect EBM (under review)
Ambient lighting
Ambient noise
Anthropometric Measurements
BRAINZ Monitor
Caesarean Roles
Caesarean section; attendance
Comfort Measures
Congenital Diapragmatic Hernia
Cue based care
Discharge check list (under review)
Discharge procedures (under review)
Disinfection and Cleaning of Feeding Equipment 
Donor EBM interview (under review)
Donor EBM consent (under review)
Donor EBM Guideline (under review
Donor EBM recipient consent (under review)

Early discharge
Endotracheal suction
Enteral feeding
Eucerin guideline
Exchange transfusion
Extravasation dressing
High flow support
High Frequency Ventilation
HIV, Maternal
Home Gavage
Fall (Drop) Prevention
Feeding Equipment, cleaning
Immuno-supportive oral care
Intravenous therapy
Lumbar Puncture
Minimal Enteric Feeding
MRI scans
Muscle Relaxation
Nasal CPAP
Neonatal Escalation Plan
Neonatal Emergencies in ED

Neural tube defects
Newborn screening (RPA)
Newborn Screening (NSW)
Nitric Oxide
Non-nutritive sucking
Oxygen administration
Oxygen in CLD
Open care systems
Percutaneous Long Lines
Positioning (under review)
Positive touch
Prevention of Pressure Injury
Safe Sleeping
Stoma Care
Thermal Management (under review)
Tracheo-oesophageal Fistula
Transport of a Deceased Baby
Transport Guidelines