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Important information regarding admission of your baby

This facility provides Neonatal Intensive Care for sick and/or premature infants born anywhere in NSW, and on rare occasions, outside of NSW. We also provide less intense care (Special Care) for sick or premature infants of families residing in our local area. For those residing outside our local area, it will be necessary for your baby to be transferred to a hospital nearer to the family home, once he/she is stable and only needing Special Care. If this didn't occur, the nursery will fill up, and other babies that need intensive care, like your baby did on admission, will be denied a bed.

On rare occasions, a baby is born at RPA who requires an intensive care bed, but all the intensive care beds are occupied. If the newly born baby is too sick to transfer, we may have to transfer your baby earlier than usual to another neonatal intensive care facility to make space for the sicker baby. We would only do this if it were too risky for the newly born baby to be transferred and we believed that transferring your baby would not put him or her at additional risk.

General Information

The following are PDF documents suitable for printing, and are also available in paper form on admission to the Nursery.