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Level 11, KGV Building
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+61 2 9515-6111
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Your Account

Medicare Patients

If you do not have private health insurance you are entitled to treatment within the public health care system. As a Medicare patient the hospital decides which doctor (doctors) will treat you. You do not have to pay for your treatment or hospital accommodation.

Privately Insured Patients

All patients who use their insurance directly help RPA and in return receive some additional benefits during their stay. One of the benefits of entering hospital as a privatively insured patient is that you have direct access to your own specialist.

Benefits of being admitted as a privately insured patient include:

  • You may request a single room and you will be given preferential access to single rooms (If not being used by another patient due to clinical priority).
  • If you utilise your private health insurance hospital cover, we guarantee you will have no out of pocket expenses for accommodation, laboratory, diagnostic, prostheses, physiotherapy or other Allied Health service charges. This includes blood tests, xrays and scans.
  • As a privately insured patient you have direct access to your own specialist. Your health fund and Medicare will cover the costs associated with your hospital accommodation and our Simplified Billing means there are no claim forms, no queues and no fuss. If you do not have private health insurance you are still entitled to be admitted as a private patient and pay a competitive rate for your hospital accommodation.

Simplified Billing

Don't want the hassle of all those separate bills? Tired of all the running around between Medicare and your health fund?

Ask RPA admissions staff about Simplified Billing then sign just one form and the hospital will do all the "running around" for you.

Simplified Billing is Part of RPA's Customer Service

  • Simplified Billing is a free service.
  • With Simplified Billing, RPA will act on your behalf and make all claims to Medicare and your health fund for you.
  • You will receive just one statement - which includes any outstanding amounts not covered by Medicare or your health fund.
  • Your statement will have an itemised list of all the claims made to Medicare and your health fund on your behalf.
  • We guarantee to respect your privacy and confidentially throughout the entire claiming process.
  • If you are treated by a visiting medical officer (a doctor who is not directly employed by the hospital) or an anaesthetist, you may receive a bill directly from his or her rooms.
  • Ask staff at the admissions desk to organise Simplified Billing for you and save time.

Overseas Patients

If you are an overseas visitor and you are not eligible for Medicare cover, you will be asked to prepay hospital charges, unless you have private health insurance.

Worker's Compensation, Third Party or Common Law Claims

If you are in hospital on a compensation claim, it is important that you tell the Admission Office which insurance company is handling your case, otherwise all accounts will be sent to you. If you have any questions about your fees, please discuss them with your doctor or staff. For general account enquiries phone 9515 9164.