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Contact Details

  Street address:
Level 11, KGV Building
Missenden Road
Postal address:
Post Office Box M30
Missenden Road NSW 2050

+61 2 9515-6111
Fax:+61 2 9515-6133

General Information about Your Stay

Your Room - Single Rooms

The allocation of single rooms is initially prioritised to all patients based on clinical need with the remaining single rooms allocated to private patients.

What to bring

Bring a small bag with the necessary clothes and toiletries (such as a toothbrush).

Medications click here

Bring all your medications and/or a list of all the medication you are taking. When you come to hospital, it is important we know all the different medications you take and when you take them. Before you leave hospital, ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist any questions about your medications, including any changes to your medications.


Please do not bring valuables with you, if you must keep valuables please ask the nursing staff to arrange for their safekeeping and you will be given a receipt. The hospital is not responsible for items that have not been declared and cannot reimburse you for lost property.

Radio and Television Hire

A radio is incorporated into the bedside units and offers several radio programs. Television sets for patients' bedsides are available for hire from the television hire service. Please ask the ward staff for more information.


You may choose meals that meet your personal preferences and medical condition. Daily menus offer meal choices consistent with dietary guidelines. If you would like a vegetarian, kosher or culturally specific meal, please specify this when ordering.

Mobile Phones

We ask that you and your visitors please observe signs and staff instructions.

Condition Updates

General information about your condition is given to phone inquiries unless instructed otherwise by you.


RPA is a smoke free environment. All the buildings and outdoor areas on the hospital grounds are SMOKE FREE. This includes the areas immediately outside ALL entrances to the hospital.

Please refrain from smoking on hospital grounds.

If you are a smoker and you are in hospital for more than 24 hours you can ask for Nicotine Replacement Therapy such as gum, patches or lozenges as part of your care to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

Support and advice about giving up smoking are also available for patients.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol or illicit drugs must not be brought into the hospital. This includes the possession and / or smoking of marijuana (cannabis) as these substances can react with medication causing harmful side effects.


As we are a teaching and research hospital, you may be asked to participate in research projects or student education. You can choose not to do this, but your participation is greatly appreciated and will help improve health services provided in the future.

Language Services

Please inform ward staff if you need an interpreter. They will make arrangements for you.

Patient Liaison Officer

Complaints or feedback are an opportunity for the hospital to make changes where required to improve the service that we provide for you. Complaints should be discussed with the ward manager, medical physician or directly with the patient representative. The patient liaison officer's role is to be objective and to assist you by answering questions, discussing complaints that you may have with members of your health care team and to resolve your concerns. The Patient Officer is available for you, your family and friends to discuss any problems that may affect you during your stay. You may contact the Patient Liaison Officer for a confidential discussion by calling 9515 5590, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) or 9515 6111, after hours (after 5pm).You may also ask a nurse on your ward to contact the Patient Liaison Officer on your behalf.

Emergency Situations

All staff are trained in emergency procedures. In the unlikely event of a fire or other emergency situations you and your visitors should wait for staff to give instructions.