Research Ethics and Governance Office

Access Request Forms

Forward the completed application form in hard copy to the Research Governance Officer with:

1.a copy of the HREC letter of approval and
2. a copy of the ethics application form, either a NEAF or an Application Form for Ethical and Scientific Review of Low and Negligible Risk Research (LNR)
3. all documents to be distributed through the facilities, locations or services within the site, for example:

- posters, leaflets or handouts;
- letters of invitation;
- surveys and questionnaires and

4. Written confirmation of support from staff of the facilities, locations or services through which you are seeking access to participants, tissue or data, for example:
- individuals who agreed to put up posters;
- staff who agreed to hand out leaflets or handouts;
- doctors who agreed to hand out letters of invitation to potential participants, or notify them of your research project;
- head of department/manager who agreed to distribute questionnaires or surveys to staff by e-mail
- head of department or data custodian who agreed to provide access to medical records, data or tissue held in collections or databases under their management, in line with ethical conditions imposed by the approving HREC.