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Speech Pathology



The RPA Speech Pathology department accepts referrals for both inpatients and outpatients.

An inpatient is someone who is currently admitted to RPA hospital.
Referrals for inpatients can be received from doctors, nurses, other allied health professionals and patients.  Referrals to Speech Pathology should be made online via CERNER.



An outpatient is someone who is not currently admitted as a patient in the hospital.   Outpatients are required to come into the hospital for assessment and treatment.  Please note there are no patient transport services available for outpatients. 



RPA offers a variety of outpatient services for those residing in the following local government areas:

Alexandria (2015), Annandale (2038), Balmain (2041), Birchgrove (2041), Camperdown (2050), Chippendale (2008), Darlington (2008), Dulwich Hill (2203), Enmore (2042), Erskinville (2043), Glebe (2037), Leichhardt (2040), Lewisham (2049), Lilyfield (2040), Marrickville (2204), Marrickville South (2204), Newtown (2042), Pyrmont (2009), Redfern (2016), Rozelle (2039), Stanmore (2048), Surry Hills (2010), Sydenham (2044), St Peters (2044), Tempe (2007), Waterloo (2017)

Specific services include:

Stroke Outreach Service:This is a home-based rehabilitation team for stroke survivors and their carers in the Sydney Local Health District.  The team has a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and a Speech Pathologist who are specifically trained to provide goal-oriented stroke rehabilitation. The service aims to provide a multidisciplinary team approach with regular case conferences and meetings with rehabilitation physicians to establish care plans. The aim is to provide rehabilitation as long as there are realistic therapy goals. Referrals are accepted for all suburbs in the Sydney Local Health District catchment (including Concord, Canterbury and Balmain).

Aged Care and Rehabilitation Ambulatory Care Service:
This is an outpatient service available for aged care and rehabiliation patients with a neurology diagnosis for patients within the RPA catchment area.  Outpatients are required to attend the RPAH day hospital for assesment and therapy.
General Outpatients: 
Outpatient referrals are accepted from hospital staff and community health professionals such as your local GP.  Adult outpatients with speech, communication or swallowing problems, language or voice disorders, who reside within the local government area can be seen by the Speech Pathology Department at RPA. Assessment will be offered, and if indicated, management and therapy plans will be mutually set. Information will be given to the patient at the beginning of their episode of care regarding the contract of attendance.  Out of area patients will be referred to their local  service.    
Videofluroscopy Swallow Study:
A videofluroscopy swallow study (VFSS) is an objective and instrumental assessment for swallowing. The patient is required to eat and drink different textures whilst being video x-rayed to assess their mechanics of swallowing. A GP or Specialist referral is required for this proceedure.
Voice and Swallow Clinic:
This clinic specialises in the evaluation and management of voice and swallowing disorders through use of Fibreoptic evaluation of swallowing (FEES). It is a multidisciplinary clinic involving a Speech Pathologist an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist and nursing staff. 
Radiation Oncology Clinic:
This clinic specialises in assessment managing swallowing, speech and voice disorders for patients receiving radiation therapy to the head and neck area.
Neonatal feeding:
Speech Pathology input is typically required for the assessment for attainment or progression of safe/developmentally appropriate oral feeding in a range of babies who have difficulty with feeding. Other areas can include oral desensitisation programs and assistance with discharge planning. Where full attainment of oral feedings is unsuccessful or not indicated secondary to medical conditions the speech pathologist liaises with the medical teams and New Born Family Support team (NFST) with regards to gavage feeding and appropriate referrals for outpatient follow-up or further investigations, i.e. feeding clinics at Westmead Children’s Hospital or Sydney Children’s Hospital


NB: Any referrals for a child need to be made to Camperdown Community Health Centre 9516 3232