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Anja Ebker-White

Anja Ebker-White is a Registered Nurse with 6 years experience working at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. She is currently undertaking her Masters in Emergency Nursing at the University of Sydney and has a keen interest in emergency nursing research . Her nursing background includes colorectal surgery, stomal therapy and ICU. She is also a member of several committee groups including  the Nurses Education Committee  since 2013 and  the  Clinical Practice Forum Committee.

She has recently taken on the role of Project Manager for the START trial which includes  preliminary data collection and helping facilitate the project across the three hospitals.

Rebecca Ivers

Michael Dinh

Michael Dinh is an Emergency Physician and Co-Director of Trauma Services at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital since 2006. He recently completed his MPH at Harvard University School of Public Health and has been appointed a Clinical Associate Professor at The University of Sydney, Sydney Medical School.

He has published over 40 research papers in the past 6 years with emergency and trauma systems the main areas of interest. His article on the benefits of helmet use in the online publication, "The Conversation" had over 80,000 hits and over 200 comments around the world. Collaborative projects with David Muscatello using EDDC or PHREDDS include injury profiles after ladder falls, trends in alcohol related presentations and ED presentation trends in Greater Sydney 2001-11.

He is currently undertaking Doctoral studies at The University of Sydney, under the supervision of Professor Rebecca Ivers investigating the role of rehabilitation in trauma patients. He is also currently an investigator in an MAA funded research study investigating long term outcomes after discharge from road trauma. He will be the Chief Investigator, responsible for data handling, coordinating data analysis and presentation of findings. Recent research publication link below:

Michael Dinh

Rebecca Ivers

Rebecca Ivers is Director of the Injury Division at The George Institute for Global Health, Conjoint Professor at the University of Sydney, immediate past president of the Australian Injury Prevention Network, editor (Epidemiology) of the journal Injury, on the editorial board of Injury Prevention and PloS Medicine and external editor of the Cochrane Injuries Group. She directs a research program which is centred on the prevention and management of injury.

Research interests include road injury, prevention of injury in Aboriginal people, falls, burns and the research to policy transfer in both high and low income countries. She will provide study supervision and expert advice as well as the principal link between the study group and The George Institute for Global Health.

Rebecca Ivers

Richard Paoloni

Richard Paoloni is an Emergency Physician and immediate past Director of the Emergency Department at Concord Hospital. He is was the Chair of the NSW Faculty of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine from 2012 to 2015 and has an interest in emergency research, particularly in the areas of health informatics and database research.

He has recently chaired the ECI research committee and is a Clinical Associate Professor and Research lead at the Sydney Medical School, Discipline of Emergency Medicine. He will be providing expert advice and literature review.

Kendall Bein

Kendall Bein is an Emergency Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and has worked with Michael Dinh on over 30 research projects and publications.

He has extensive experience with data coding and data analysis, most recently with the preliminary analysis of EDDC containing 11 million presentations, and analysis for the RPAH trauma service involving 20 years of major trauma presentations. He has a keen interest in patient flow and management of ED demand. He will be performing the preliminary coding and categorising of the dataset variables.

Kendall Bein

Dane Chalkley

Dane Chalkley is an Emergency Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He has previously analysed large trauma data sets in the UK and is published on trends in trauma mortality in London. He has a keen interest in Quality Improvement and the analysis of data to identify risk and opportunities for improving patient care. He will be providing assistance with data analysis and coding.

Dane Chalkley

David Muscatello

David Muscatello is Principal Epidemiologist and Manager, Rapid Surveillance Systems, Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence, NSW Ministry of Health. David has over 16 years experience in the surveillance and epidemiology of infectious diseases, acute illness and injury. He has an MPH from the Australian National University and has just submitted a PhD thesis on the population epidemiology of influenza for examination at the University of NSW (UNSW) School of Public Health and Community Medicine. Current work involves near real-time public health surveillance of NSW emergency departments and ambulance services.

In 2011, David achieved a UNSW Faculty of Medicine Dean's award for outstanding research. David has also conducted and supervised many research projects, for example using time series analysis to understand the relationship between infectious disease incidence and hospital outcomes, and the relationship between violence and alcohol at the population level.

He is an Associate Editor on the international journal BMC Public Health and has peer reviewed for many journals including: PLOS One, Emergency Medicine Australasia, Preventive Medicine, Emerging Infectious Diseases, BMC Public Health, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision-Making, Epidemiology, and Epidemiology & Infection.


Dr Matthew Chu

Dr Matthew Chu is a senior consultant in Emergency Medicine. He is currently the Director of Prevocational Education and Training at Canterbury Hospital where he is also a senior consultant to the Medical Assessment Unit.

He is a Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM).

He is a Peer Support Examiner for the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine and hasĀ  extensive experience involving Accreditation, the adjudication of Trainee Research Projects, the assessment of Overseas Trained Specialists, examinations and emergency medicine training. He is a member of the Accreditation Committee and Patient Safety Working Group. He has previously served as a Director of Emergency Training as well as the Director of Emergency Medicine at Canterbury Hospital.

In 1998, he received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the New South Wales Postgraduate Medical Council and was awarded the ACEM Teaching Excellence Award in 2010.

Dr Chu established the first regular Emergency Medicine Journal Club in Sydney and is an Instructor with the Emergency Life Support Course.

Dr Chu chaired and produced the inaugural Emergency Medicine Design Guidelines for the ACEM and authored on Emergency Department Design in a major Australasian Emergency Medicine textbook. He was involved in the production of the Australian Emergency Triage Education Kit and contributed an article to 'Emergency-Real Stories from Australia's Emergency Department Doctors'. He has had a number of publications in peer reviewed journals in his name.

Dr Chu has mentored a number of doctors, some of whom have subsequently progressed to become successful and prominent Emergency Physicians. He is a Clinical Term Supervisor for medical students with the University of Sydney. He is a Surveyor with the NSW Health Education and Training Institute and the Australian Council on Health Care Standards.
Dane Chalkley


Jon Hayman

Jon Hayman is the Director of Emergency Medicine Training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and the Chair of Emergency Network Training committee at NSW Health Education and Training Institute (HETI).

Jon Hayman

Saartje Berendsen Russell

Saartje Berendsen Russell was a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Emergency at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital with a Masters degree in Education. Saartje has over 17 years of nursing experience with 15 of those in Emergency Departments. She recently took on the role of Research Nurse Coordinator for the DESTINY (Drivers of Emergency Services Trends in Years 2010-2014) project. This project involved data coding and analysis of a large ED dataset containing over 11 million ED presentations. As well project management she was involved in co-writing publications associated with this project.

Saartje Berendsen Russell

Dr Matthew Oliver

Dr Oliver is a recently appointed Staff Specialist in the Emergency Department at Royal Prince Alfred. He has an interest in trauma research and education and has been involved in several audits regarding patient flow in the Emergency Department.

Dr Mattew Oliver