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Youth Peak Bodies and Related Sites Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne  International Association for Adolescent Health  World Health Organisation  Youth Action & Policy Association

Government Related Sites  NSW Government Health Service Sydney Children's Hospital Network Transition Support Service NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation Transition Care Service Information on benefits, support and assistance Lots of useful links for young people

Other sites for young people Support and resources for young people & their families affected by cancer Support for young people diagnosed with cancer, and those close to them.  Cystic Fibrosis website Community org teaching cancer patients how to manage appearance-related-side-effects caused by cancer treatment  Provides information and real life experiences to young people with Type 1 Diabetes Provides support for people living with blood cancer Provides mental health services to 12-25 year olds  A website for young people living with serious illness or disability  Kids Help Line  Youth suicide hotline  A service that helps young people through the tough times  Resources for young people- Mental Health, getting a job, drug & alcohol use and the law