About NSW Health RTO

NSW Health RTO delivers nationally recognised qualifications across a broad range of industry sectors including health services, business services, community services and training and assessment. All VET programs are conducted, through the RTO's delivery sites, by qualified professionals to maximise learning outcomes and enhance workforce performance for students. Visit the Register of Training Organisations to see NSW Health RTO's scope of registration.

As an enterprise RTO NSW Health RTO delivery partners deliver training to their staff. In some instances they will also provide training for other Local Health Districts or Specialty Networks. They may provide some training to Non-NSW Health employees where it can be demonstrated that this will benefit the health workforce and address skill shortages.

Training programs are published annually in calendars at each delivery site and distributed to NSW Health employees and other prospective participants.

The RTO offers training under the NSW Government's Smart and Skilled Program and NSW Health Traineeships. To find out more about Smart and Skilled programs go to the Smart and Skilled website.

Students are enrolled in the Diploma of Nursing to study full time. So that students in this program are able to access Centrelink benefits, where needed, NSW Health RTO is a VET Student Loans Provider.

The RTO also offers VET in Schools programs to both public and private/independent school students, through the NSW Department of Education’s EVET program.