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ICT Cerner Smart Room

14 June, 2018

A 25-year partnership in electronic medical records

ICT Cerner Smart Room

Sydney Local Health District has a proud track record as a leader in health-related Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development that supports both clinical and corporate excellence.

In a constantly changing ICT landscape, we need to regularly review the ways that technology can assist us to be more efficient, effective and patient-focused.

Over the last two decades, we have invested in ICT across a wide range of programs from enhancements to the electronic medical record (eMR) through to rostering and financial systems.

With Cerner we have created world-class breakthroughs in eMR technology, which is now being adopted by other health services in Australia and overseas.

ICT is fundamental to supporting advances in clinical care, for example, with new electronic medication management and electronic clinical handover tools we are improving the quality of clinical handover and reducing medication errors. Being able to unlock and link the information contained in our electronic medical records and clinical databases enables research and health reform which can transform healthcare provision.

This year we celebrate our 25-year partnership with Cerner with the ICT Cerner Smart Room at the Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium.

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