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Women’s Leadership Breakfast

14 June, 2018

Inspiring women leaders networking and exchanging ideas

Women’s Leadership Breakfast

Sydney Local Health District Chief Executive Dr Teresa Anderson will host the District's first Women's Leadership Breakfast at NSW Parliament House.

The aim is to recognise the contributions of women in our District to the NSW public health system. Sydney is recognised as one of the leading Local Health Districts in NSW. Women make up an impressive 72 per cent of our workforce.

At a state level, women currently represent 66 per cent of the NSW Public Service, but only 37 per cent hold senior leadership positions. One of the Premier's priorities is to lift this figure to 50 per cent by 2025.

Our Women's Leadership Breakfast is an opportunity for managers and colleagues to nominate women doing inspiring work – or inspiring others in Sydney Local Health District.

In keeping with the purpose of Innovation Week - the event will offer the opportunity to hear from inspiring leaders, network and exchange ideas.

The event is invitation only. The Board, Executive, Clinical Directors and General Managers have been asked to nominate women from their teams and facilities. Our partners in Sydney Research have also had the opportunity to nominate women who they believe would benefit from attending. About 150 women will be selected.

The event will be held in the Strangers' Dining Room from 7am to 9am, on Wednesday June 20, 2018. It will be opened by Secretary of NSW Health, Elizabeth Koff.

Our keynote speakers include Dr Penny Stannard from NSW State Archives, who curated major exhibition Blaze: Working Women, Public Leaders. The exhibition, at the Whitlam Institute, shares stories of women from our history who were leaders and trailblazers in the NSW public sector, as well as the contemporary perspectives of women leaders in public roles.

Guests will also hear the moving story of Gwen Cherne of the War Widows Guild of Australia NSW. Gwen's husband Peter took his own life after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and Gwen is fighting for support for families of fallen soldiers.

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