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RPA midwife Brydie Griffin on a journey with families for a second time

Eight women return to same RPA midwife for second babies

July 2019

RPA midwife Brydie Griffin on a journey with families for a second time

RPA midwife Brydie Griffin on a journey with families for a second time

Midwife Brydie Griffin loves her job.

This year, eight women Brydie cared for during pregnancy are having another baby and all of them requested that she be by their side again.

“It’s the first time I’ve provided care for eight women, who I already know, and who are having a second or third baby. It adds a whole new level to job satisfaction,” Brydie said.

She’s one of six midwives who form Royal Prince Alfred hospital’s Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) which is underpinned by a focus on a midwifery-led model of continuity of care.

Now in her fourth year with the MGP, she works alongside Holly Beasley, Adriana Diab, Lauren Downes, Rachel Lorizio and Elise Smith.

They form a team of specialists in pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care who deliver a highly sought after model of care for women who plan to have a baby at RPA.

As a primary MGP midwife, Brydie is the first point of contact for the women in her care.

This year she has Alexandra Clark, Kristine Landi, Keira Levin, Pamela Nilsson, Aimee Purcell, Anna Robards, Lucien Setian and Melissa Topple, under her care for a second time.

During regular consultations, the women have physical check-ups and the baby’s growth and wellbeing is assessed. Brydie is also on-call for them should they need urgent advice.

She works in partnership with the women to identify their needs, arrange appointments or referrals, collaborates with other health professionals, if needed, and ensures women have access to support services.

“In my role, I get to build relationships with the women in my care through pregnancy, labour, child birth and the post-natal period at home,” Brydie said.

“That’s the beauty of midwifery-led continuity care.

“It promotes trust. And eliminates fear and vulnerability, which are common feelings described in pregnancy, birth and parenting. Research shows it results in better outcomes for the mother and her baby,” she said.

Events designer Alexandra Clark and her husband had their first baby Violette in 2017.  Baby Olympia was born earlier this month.

“Brydie was like our little guardian angel through all of this time. The fact that we could have her as our midwife again for Olympia was a gift,” Alexandra said.

Alexandra liked the individual nature of the care.

“Brydie was a familiar face who was always there. She knew my medical history. From beginning to end, you don’t feel like you’re on your own. It was complete care. I just loved the way Brydie went about it,” she said.

Melissa Topple, a Nursing Unit Manager for the Neurology ward at Royal North Shore Hospital, had a similar experience.

She and her husband had Oscar in 2017 and are now expecting another baby in September this year. They built a strong relationship with Brydie.

“She knew our expectations, our fears and shared our excitement of having our first baby. She’s genuine, compassionate and empathetic. To have the same midwife throughout our journey was so special.

“And, everything aligned to be together again with our second baby. We’re exceptionally lucky to have the same midwife guide us through it,” Melissa said.

Aimee Purcell and her partner had their first baby, Casper, in 2016. Cleo was born in May this year.

“During my first pregnancy, Brydie could answer all our questions. There’s so much information out there. It was really re-assuring to have her help us through it.

“And, when I fell pregnant again, it was fantastic to get a call from her to say she would be able to look after me for a second time. I took Casper with me to a couple of appointments so she got to meet him as a three-year-old too.

”I bumped into her at the local shops recently. I had both the kids with me and we had a chat. I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of the program,” Aimee said.

Under the MGP, each year Brydie cares for up to 40 women whose pregnancies are considered uncomplicated. She works in a “buddy” system with her fellow MGP midwives who may also provide care for them.

“When I’m on days off, my buddy midwife is on call for my women and vice versa.

“During their pregnancy, my women also have an appointment with my buddy midwives, so we all become familiar faces to them,” she said.

The MGP is one of the options offered at RPA, which also includes the birth centre, GP-shared care and midwifery antenatal outreach clinics.

Women can have their baby at RPA’s birth centre or hospital delivery ward.

For Brydie, being a midwife for the same women second-time round, is like catching-up with friends.

“I’m caring for people I already know. It’s a privilege when they want you again. It’s rewarding. It’s an honour to be at a birth and it’s a gift that I get to do it all again with them,” she said.

For more information about MGP, please call 9515 8864.

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