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We got thousands of patients up, dressed, moving and feeling better

#EndPJParalysis 70 Day Challenge success

September 2019

We got thousands of patients up, dressed, moving and feeling better

We got thousands of patients up, dressed, moving and feeling better

Sydney Local Health District staff have risen to the #EndPJParalysis 70 Day Challenge, getting thousands of patients up, dressed, moving and feeling better.

Over the past 70 days, Sydney Local Health District mobilised 30,885 patients and successfully encouraged 27,934 patients out of their hospital gowns or pyjamas and into day clothes and comfortable shoes.

#EndPJParalysis is a global campaign to get patients up, dressed and moving, where possible.

We know that when patients come into hospital and change into a gown, they’re more likely to be inactive. We wanted to end the “paralysis” that comes with “PJs” and hospital gowns.

Wearing your own clothes and shoes can improve your mental and physical health by increasing your confidence and independence in getting active.

Spending extended periods in bed causes muscles to decondition. Keeping active helps the body’s ability to fight infections and improves appetite, sleep and mood.

Getting up and moving may also decrease the risk of pressure injuries, muscle weakness, fatigue, dizziness, risk of falls and pain.

It also improves mental health and overall patient experience and it allows patients to return home to their loved ones sooner.

Mental Health Services at Professor Marie Bashir Centre and Concord Centre for Mental Health were the clear champions of the 70 Day Challenge. Together, they mobilised more than 96 per cent of their patients and managed to get over 93 per cent of patients out of their hospital gowns.

At each facility, the ward with the highest percentage of patients out of bed has won a $1000 prize.

Congratulations to the following winners:

RPA: 5 East 1
Concord: 3 North
Canterbury: Acacia ward
Balmain: Lever Ward
Mental Health: Acute Unit, Professor Marie Bashir Centre

The campaign was championed by the District’s Demand Management Unit, led by Dr Sinéad Ní Bhraonáin and Tracy Millen.

While the #EndPJParalysis 70 Day Challenge has finished, our staff will continue to help our patients to get up, dressed, moving and feeling better every day.

Patients are encouraged to engage with their family, friends, visitors, carers as well as nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists. We want to get our patients back to normal routine and home to family and friends sooner.

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