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Haematologist Professor Judith Trotman and IT specialist Jackie Laurens share Concord's top honour

Dual winners of Pride of Concord Medal

October 2019

Haematologist Professor Judith Trotman and IT specialist Jackie Laurens share Concord's top honour

Haematologist Professor Judith Trotman and IT specialist Jackie Laurens share Concord's top honour

For the first time, the Pride of Concord Medal has been awarded to two recipients in one year.

Professor Judith Trotman and Jacqueline “Jackie” Laurens have been awarded the prestigious medal for their outstanding contribution.

Both have served Concord Hospital for more than 20 years.

On paper their backgrounds seem very different: Professor Trotman is a senior haematologist heavily involved in both clinical care and research; Ms Laurens began her career as a nursing graduate at Concord and is now an instrumental leader in the Hospital’s future by helping to shape its digital transformation. 

General Manager Dr Genevieve Wallace says both nominations epitomise why the Pride of Concord Medal was established five years ago.

“Both nominations highlight the incredible determination and energy both women have committed to being pioneers for patients,” she said.

Professor Trotman’s achievements and unbridled enthusiasm are widely recognised.

“She inspires all those around her, working hard to ensure patients at Concord Hospital have the latest and most innovative treatments but also to grow and build the reputation of Concord Haematology nationally and internationally,” Dr Wallace said.

Professor Trotman continues to grow and build the reputation of the Concord Cancer Centre by provide training and leadership to other clinicians and researchers. She has ensured hundreds of patients have had the benefit of the latest and innovative treatments. She is a member of the Concord Medical Staff Council Executive and has been fundamental in preparation for the hospital’s $341 million redevelopment. She also leads the Bloody Great Committee, which has raised more than $400,000 since 2013 to support the Haematology Clinical Research Unit at Concord Cancer Centre.

Nominations for Ms Laurens came from teams right across Concord Hospital.

“Jackie has worked on virtually every information system used at Concord Hospital since the 1980s,” Dr Wallace said.

“From Y2K to Patient Administration Systems, Mainframes to Desktops, to the pioneering work on Electronic Medication Management which led to the implementation of what we now call “eMEDS”.

Concord Hospital’s pioneering work on electronic medication management provided the basis for the implementation of eMEDS across NSW.”

The Pride of Concord Medal comes with a 9k gold lion badge, up to $5000 towards professional development, dinner for two and a year’s worth of free coffee.

Congratulations to Professor Trotman and Ms Laurens and well done to everyone nominated in 2019.

Previous Concord Medal recipients:

2018 - Vivienne Bush, Director, Corporate and Clinical Support  

2017 – Professor Lewis Chan, Head of Urology

2016 – Professor John Cullen, Director, Aged Care and Rehabilitation Services 

2015 – Rosemary Burke, Director, Pharmacy

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