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JobSupport program supports school leavers with intellectual disabilities

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August 2019

JobSupport program supports school leavers with intellectual disabilities

JobSupport program supports school leavers with intellectual disabilities

Meet Wundarra Dennis-Reid.

He was placed at RPA two years ago through the JobSupport program, which provides training and job opportunities for young school leavers with intellectual disabilities.

In 2008, RPA became the first hospital in NSW to establish a partnership with JobSupport.

Since then, our Employ-my-ability program has become embedded in 15 non-clinical departments across Sydney Local Health District, training up to 14 people at a time.

It has been recognised with national and state awards, but most importantly, it has changed the lives of those involved, opening up opportunities that they, and their families, may never have dreamed possible.

For Wundarra, 20, pictured with supply officer Bill Kuzmanovski, distribution supervisor Colin Hodges and acting general services manager Damian Robinson, the placement has given him a sense of achievement and belonging.

And he’s proven himself so dedicated and dependable that he’s now been employed five days a week in our supply team, transporting goods around the hospital.

“He’s loved by everyone at RPA,” Damien said. “He’s always on time for work, or early, and he never leaves without finishing all his jobs for the day. He’s tip top.”

Wundarra agreed: “I’m a very quick fellow and Damien even told me I’m too quick because I had everything done way before I was due to go home,” he said.

Sydney Local Health District Chief Executive Dr Teresa Anderson AM said our links with JobSupport provide a very special service.

“There are certain things that help us all live to our full potential. We need nutritious food, somewhere to live, and a good job,” she said.

“Employment is one of the social determinants of health and what we hear from our staff is that in the areas where these young people work there is greater team unity and cohesion, better communication skills and their workplaces are richer.”

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