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Children star in District's music video about fuss-free mealtimes

Dinnertime with Isla

May 2020

Children star in District's music video about fuss-free mealtimes

Fussy eating is a challenge many parents of toddlers and pre schoolers face.

So, Sydney Local Health District has launched an animated music video to help families with strategies for fuss free mealtimes.

"Dinnertime with Isla" also stars children from Kidzville Early Learning Centre at Marrickville.

Amy Bonnefin and her colleagues at the District's Health Promotion Unit are behind the development of the video.

"Mealtimes should be an enjoyable experience. But sometimes, for parents mealtimes are a source of stress and involve children's tears or tantrums.

"We hope the video will help parents to foster positive mealtime environments, children to develop positive eating behaviours and build a healthy relationship with food," she said.

The video is the latest addition to a suite of resources in English, and four other languages, aimed at helping parents deal with fussy eating.

It also includes an illustrated storybook plus practical tips and advice about ways for parents to encourage children to try new foods, without overwhelming them.

The resources will also be distributed to early childhood educators.

The feedback has been encouraging.

"Parents and educators have told us children love the storybook. It's led to them trying new foods and learning about the benefits of healthy eating. We hope the newly released video will too. It delivers healthy eating messages in a bright, fun and engaging way," Amy said.

To learn more about Dinnertime with Isla and fuss free mealtime strategies contact the team at the Healthy Children Initiative

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