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Lifting spirits one a costume at a time during COVID-19

A man of many hats

June 2020

Lifting spirits one a costume at a time during COVID-19

Lifting spirits one a costume at a time during COVID-19

Nurse Practitioner Kurt Andersson-Noorgard is a man of many hats (and costumes), and he's been using each one to help lift spirits during COVID-19.

Usually he works in the community as a Nurse Practitioner, for Sydney District Nursing and rpavirtual, but during the peak of the pandemic Kurt stepped up to help screen staff arriving for work each day at Redfern Health Centre.

"I noticed that the mood was a little sombre", Kurt said, "so I decided to do what I could to try and lighten things up." That's when the daily hat parade started.

For two and half months Kurt managed to source a different hat or costume each day. "I searched Sydney far and wide to source some of my most creative pieces".

He pledged to never repeat an outfit, a promise he was able to keep.

Kurt said he did notice a change in the mood of both staff and visitors at the centre.

"At the start people were obviously concerned but I saw over time a developing camaraderie and determination in the staff".

After a while, staff started to make suggestions for hats, and again Kurt, did not disappoint.

"I was able to deliver on most of the requests", Kurt said.

Among the staff favourites was a Mona Lisa head piece, Sailor Moon outfit and a Game of Thrones inspired hat.

Redfern Health Centre General Manager Madeleine Kitchener described Kurt as a bright spark of joy. "We got to see a different hat each morning and it brought happiness to everyone who walked in the door to be screened".

"Kurt's energy and creativity provided a real sense of unity during a challenging time, and definitely some memorable moments."

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