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CE Teresa Anderson details the District's $1.772 billion budget.

Budget presentation 2018-2019

August 2018

CE Teresa Anderson details the District's $1.772 billion budget.

CE Teresa Anderson details the District's $1.772 billion budget.

Chief Executive Dr Teresa Anderson AM has congratulated Sydney Local Health District staff for coming in on budget in 2017-2018 in the face of unprecedented demand, particularly due to last year’s severe flu season.

Speaking at the District’s Budget Roadshow, Dr Anderson said 2017 saw the highest level of demand since the H1N1 influenza pandemic of 2009 and departments such as intensive care were often operating above capacity.

“The fourth quarter of the last financial year was particularly challenging and the Board was very pleased with the way everyone managed our finances given the challenges that we all had,” Dr Anderson said.

An additional 323 full-time equivalent staff were brought on across the District to help manage the demand, which included a 2.7 per cent increase in emergency department attendances, a 1.4 per cent rise in admissions and discharges across the five hospitals and a 6.69 per cent increase in acute mental health presentations.

“Special Purpose and Trust money was used to invest in infrastructure and equipment (medical and ICT) across the District, to help our staff to the jobs they need to do,” Dr Anderson said.

Significant achievements last year included a $7 million upgrade of security and distress alarms in emergency departments, the completion of the $29 million RPA staff carpark and the unveiling of the $11 million Statewide BioBank in the Professor Marie Bashir Centre.

Despite the challenges, Sydney was once again one of the top performing Local Health District’s in the state, with 100 per cent of surgeries completed in clinically appropriate times and significantly improved performances on most KPIs. The District recorded a performance level of 0 – the highest possible - for the 90th month in a row. Balmain, RPA and Community Health achieved successful accreditation with Equip National standards.

“It’s important for our community that we are the best that we can be and that we are striving every day to be the best we can,” Dr Anderson said.

Following the signing of a Service Agreement with NSW Health, the District’s total expenditure budget for 2018-2019 has increased by 4.9 per cent to $1.772 billion.

“The budget isn’t just about money; the budget is about having the resources to address the health needs of our community and particularly those who are most vulnerable,” Dr Anderson said.

Looking ahead, the Board and the Executive are focused on realising major infrastructure goals, starting with stage 1 of the $341 million Concord Hospital redevelopment.

Dr Anderson said the District has developed an Asset Strategic Plan which sets out a $1.9 billion capital works program.

The top three priorities are the $750 million stage 1 redevelopment of RPA, the $495 million stage 1 redevelopment of Canterbury Hospital and $635 million for stage 2 of Concord Hospital’s redevelopment.

“There is no doubt our infrastructure is aging and we have been doing extensive planning … for the redevelopment of our hospitals,” she said.

“We have one of the fastest growing populations in the country and we have a responsibility to advocate for them.”

In the meantime, maintenance, upgrades and refurbishments will continue across the District, as well as the extensive digital transformation of hospitals and health services already underway.

The Service Agreement and service and facility-level budgets are now available on the District’s website and Dr Anderson encouraged all staff to take a look here.

“We need to make sure every dollar we spend is to get the very best outcomes for our patients,” she said.

To view the presentation, click here.

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