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Staff forge new relationships over a cup of tea

Cuppa With A Colleague

June 2019

Staff forge new relationships over a cup of tea

Staff forge new relationships over a cup of tea

Innovation Week 2019 commenced with the District-wide celebration of ‘People Matter in Sydney Local Health District’.

Fondly called ‘Cuppa with a Colleague’ staff took time out of their day to share a cup of tea and have a chat with a colleague. It was also an opportunity to sit down with a manager or colleague from a different department.

More than 7000 Sydney Local Health District branded tea bags were distributed to staff rooms and kitchens across Canterbury, Concord, Balmain, RPA and Sydney Dental Hospitals, as well as Community Health Centres.

Members of the Executive Team took tea trolleys laden with fruit, biscuits and tea to their departments to encourage everyone to have a cuppa and a chat.

A number of pop-up tea lounges and morning tea events were also held across the District serving up cupcakes, fruit and scones and further providing staff with an opportunity to forge new friendships with colleagues from different departments.

“I am really excited to see where some of today’s conversations, ideas and new relationships may take the District,” Chief Executive Dr Teresa Anderson AM said.

“Some of the best and biggest ideas to come out of the District have started with conversations that began in staff rooms, corridors and often over a cup of tea.” 

‘Cuppa With A Colleague’ also offered staff the chance to complete the 2019 People Matters Employee Survey which was in its final week. The survey offered the opportunity to share what matters to staff and what the organisation can do to improve.

“The People Matter Employee Survey is so much more than a questionnaire,” said Dr Anderson.

“The survey provides an opportunity for all staff to have a voice and to express how they feel about our workplace, our people and our culture. The results assist us in making Sydney Local Health District a great place to come to work.”

This was the first year ‘Cuppa With A Colleague’ has been included in the Innovation Week line-up. Organisers looking to kick off the event with a day promoting growth and development.

“Many of us spend the majority of our waking hours at our work place,” Corporate Communication Manager Simone Skinner said.

“Taking time to get to know the people you work alongside is vital to creating a happy and healthy workplace.”

You can see a video of the Cuppa With A Colleague events here.

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