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Broadcaster Glenn Daniel's generous gift to RPA's Cardiology Department.

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September 2018

Broadcaster Glenn Daniel's generous gift to RPA's Cardiology Department.

Broadcaster Glenn Daniel's generous gift to RPA's Cardiology Department.

Veteran radio journalist and broadcaster Glenn Daniel has donated $20,000 to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s Cardiology Department to fund research into minimally-invasive heart surgery.

Glenn donated 100 per cent of the profits from the sale of his autobiography News Time: A Life in Radio to support interventional cardiologist Associate Professor Martin Ng and his team in their work on transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI).

Glenn is currently breakfast co-host and news presenter on smooth 95.3 and News Time chronicles his extraordinary career working with the biggest names, events and news stories of the past 35 years.

Handing over the donation to Sydney Local Health District Chief Executive Dr Teresa Anderson AM in one of RPA’s two cardiac catheter labs, Glenn said he was delighted to contribute to medical research and innovation.

“It was a good opportunity for me to write my story of the last 35 years in radio but to have it have a purpose was the thing that meant most to me,” he said.

TAVI is a highly-specialised and relatively new procedure where diseased heart valves are replaced via a minimally invasive procedure and without the need for open heart surgery.

RPA is recognised worldwide as a leading TAVI centre, setting benchmarks for excellence in clinical outcomes and pioneering several “first-in-man” variants of the procedure.

Associate Professor Ng says Glenn’s generous donation will go towards his quest to eliminate leaks following transcatheter heart valves procedures, a project that has received a significant boost thanks to a recent $480,000 NHMRC grant.

“This kind of thing makes a huge difference to us because while we can fight for peer-reviewed research funding, often it just covers the basics, and for you, Glenn, to come in and give the kind of support that you have, it makes all the difference,” Associate Professor Ng said.

In 2011 Glenn had open heart surgery to replace two valves (aortic and mitral) that were damaged during radiotherapy for cancer in 1986 when he was 25. He was forced to take six months off work following surgery.

Minimally-invasive procedures such as TAVI require much shorter recovery times and allow seriously ill, frail and elderly patients who are too high-risk to undergo conventional surgery to reclaim a quality of life never before possible.

Glenn’s experience of open heart surgery underlies his wish to support innovation in cardiology and dovetailed with the release of his book.

“I feel like I’m on my third life at the moment having had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as a 25-year-old and heart surgery as a 50-year-old,” he said.

“To give back to the health system that saved my life is a great pleasure.”

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