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Our staff embrace the importance of keeping active and moving

Get moving this STEPtember

August 2020

Our staff embrace the importance of keeping active and moving

Our staff embrace the importance of keeping active and moving

With our lives continuing to look different in these times, Sydney Local Health District staff are encouraged to look after their health and wellbeing and ensure they stay active by recording their steps for STEPtember.

It has been a busy time for our staff. Many have taken on new responsibilities and adapted to changes in their work practices to support our District's response to COVID-19 and help keep our patients and community safe.

Moneisha McKenzie, the director of physical wellbeing for the District's MDOK program, says it is important to stay active, even when life looks a little different.

"The requirements for social distancing and restrictions on gatherings can make it challenging to find time to for yourself. For our doctors and health staff, their personal health and wellbeing could not be more important during these times, and one of the best ways to keep your mind and body fresh is to stay active," she said.

"Walking is a great way to keep moving. It's low impact, free and you can do it with a friend at any time and stay socially distanced. If time is a barrier, or gyms and sport are out of the question, you can still find ways to get moving in your daily routine. You'd be surprised how many steps you may take in a day."

This September, Moneisha and the team at MDOK are committing to walk 10,000 steps each day for STEPtember.

"In my role, I want to help our doctors to find ways to feel energised and restored – walking has the power to do both. As a group challenge, STEPtember helps with the extra motivation to get moving as a team, share a goal of how many steps we can record and promotes self-care," she said.

The Concord Resident Medical Officers' Association have already stepped up with their own Walk 4 Wellness challenge in July. More than 50 members signed up to a step count challenge, recording their daily steps to promote activity and wellness. Together they walked nearly 8.5 million steps, about the distance from Sydney to Hong Kong.

If you would like a little extra motivation to get active, stay connected and foster teamwork among staff why not register for STEPtember and raise money for people living with cerebral palsy.

Staff are encouraged to register a team of four for free using the code SLHD2020 at and compete with other teams in the District.

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