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Digital dentistry and a tool to streamline patient flow from EDs win The Pitch - Symposium edition.

$1 million for great ideas

June 2018

Digital dentistry and a tool to streamline patient flow from EDs win The Pitch - Symposium edition.

Digital dentistry and a tool to streamline patient flow from EDs win The Pitch - Symposium edition.

The Pitch reached the $1 million milestone at the 2018 Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium with the RPA Emergency Department and Sydney Dental Hospital’s Specialist Services taking out a combined $100,000 in grants.

In 2014, Sydney Local Health District launched The Pitch as a way to give staff the opportunity to make real change. In four years, there have been 150 applications and 49 winners, who have been awarded a total of $1 million to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

At the Symposium, five teams presented to more than 1000 audience members and the expert judging panel of Chief Executive, Dr Teresa Anderson, the Hon. Ron Phillips, Chair, Sydney Local Health District Board, Dr Katherine Moore, Director, Clinical Governance and Risk, Associate Professor Payal Mukherjee, ENT Lead at RPA Institute for Academic Surgery and Phillip Minns, Deputy Secretary, NSW Health.

The panel awarded $50,000 to the team from RPA who piloted the Sydney Triage and Admission Risk Tool (START) in the District’s emergency departments.

START is a prediction model for inpatient admission from EDs to assist clinicians to make data-driven decisions about triage, patient flow and treatment.

The next step, known as START2, is to use high-level data mining combined with artificial intelligence to derive risk scores for patient flow outcomes such as disposition, re-admission and re-presentation.

Program manager and registered nurse Anja Ebker-White, told the panel START2 is anticipated to improve emergency treatment performance (ETP) – measured by the proportion of patients leaving the ED within four hours of arrival – by 5 to 7 per cent.

“START2 will enable earlier senior decision making to allow bed finding to occur earlier on in the journey without compromising the overall patient assessment.”

The funding will go towards data mining, coding and machine learning, leading to the development of an app that can be used at triage or at the bedside.

Sydney Dental Hospital was awarded $47,752 to introduce and implement a digital workflow for dental and oral restorations, such as crowns, bridges and dentures.

The funding will be used to purchase a state-of-the-art intraoral dental scanner that allows dentists to create digital impression data that can be used to design and produce effective dental restorations. The money will also go towards the purchase of a 3D printer.

Head of Specialist Services at Sydney Dental Hospital, Dr Phil Kelly, said the new technology results in a much faster procedure compared to conventional tray impressions.

“We want to be the first public dental hospital in Australia to go digital, allowing more accurate surgical placement, quicker treatment turn-arounds, better materials and cost reduction,” he said.
Dr Kelly said modelling suggested a total net saving of $622,000 for a $50,000 investment.

“The non-measurable outcomes are patient satisfaction and increased skill sets of the technical and clinical staff,” he said.

Long-term, the introduction of digital workflow will allow teams working in rural or remote clinics to send their data sets to Sydney for the manufacture of restorations.

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