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Ways to avoid being overcome by the heat

Hot weather tips

January 2019

Ways to avoid being overcome by the heat

Ways to avoid being overcome by the heat

As Sydney endures consecutive days of hot weather, remember to stay safe and cool, and look after each other to avoid ending up in hospital.

Director of RPA Hospital Emergency Department, Dr James Edwards, said there are four key tips to staying safe in the heat.

“The key messages are to drink plenty of water, keep in cool places, take care of others and have a heat plan,” he said.

“When we talk about taking caring of others, it’s about the people who are vulnerable in our community; the old and the young.”

Check on your elderly neighbours and relatives to make sure they’re okay.

Medical professionals are also urging parents not to leave children or pets in hot cars.

“Don’t for any moment of time leave children in the car unattended,” Dr Edwards said.

Other ways to avoid heat related illnesses include not being outside during the hottest time of the day between midday and 5pm, check the forecast, and keep medications in a cool place.

Always seek urgent medical attention if you are showing severe signs of heat-related illness.

You can watch the video here.

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