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Our newest doctors get started in Sydney Local Health District

Medical interns arrive

January 2019

Our newest doctors get started in Sydney Local Health District

Our newest doctors get started in Sydney Local Health District

Sydney Local Health District has welcomed 99 new doctors to our ranks, part of a cohort of 1021 starting across the state.

More than half will be employed across Royal Prince Alfred, Balmain and Dubbo hospitals, with the balance working across Canterbury, Concord and Broken Hill hospitals.

Our new interns are spending their first two weeks learning the processes and systems in place across our hospitals and will officially be out on the wards on February 4. 

“Interns are a vital part of the professional team at the frontline of the health system,” Chief Executive Dr Teresa Anderson said.

“We are very happy to welcome this new team of enthusiastic and talented doctors who want to make a difference and develop their skills in the public health system.”

Concord Hospital's Director of Prevocational Education and Training Dr Probal Roy finds it highly rewarding to help interns transition from medical students to practising doctors.

“This is an exciting and formative time in their careers where they will be exposed to different hospitals, a range of medical specialities and cases, and increased responsibilities to ensure patients are provided a high quality of care,” he said.

“It is also a time of great adjustment. Getting used to life after being a student is a feat in itself. Above all, these early years of training are an invaluable foundation for their futures.

“Our interns have great support from clinical training and medical administration staff enhancing their skills and knowledge to see through them through their careers.”

A very big welcome to all of our new doctors and thank you for choosing us.

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