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Nola Harris has taken up weight training at age 102

Centenarian Nola stays STRONG at Balmain

April 2019

Nola Harris has taken up weight training at age 102

Nola Harris has taken up weight training at age 102

She may be turning 102 this year, but Nola Harris insists she’s not remarkable.

“The only remarkable thing about me is that I’m still alive,” she says with a laugh. 

“And I check the Herald obituaries daily.”

A former court reporter in the army, Nola still lives independently, navigating the stairs in her home and garden each day. She likes doing her own grocery shopping, and puts in one day a week volunteering at the Uniting Church in the city.

In the past three months, she’s also started weight training twice a week at Balmain Hospital’s Centre for STRONG Medicine - and is pretty impressed with the service.

“It’s definitely helping me. I do whatever they tell me to do and it’s not unpleasant at all. They even give you a protein drink at the end, which I quite like.”

Nola, who suffered a stroke several years ago, is one of several regular clients at the STRONG clinic, where exercise-based medicine is used to treat older people with a range of chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, depression, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Some are more active than others but the aim is to help everyone maintain their independence and mobility.

"I do use a walking stick - but only because my son insists on it,” Nola says. 

“And having something to do each day keeps me getting up in the mornings - whether it’s working in the city or coming here to the hospital.

"I’m not ambitious, but I don’t want to die just yet either,” she says with a grin.

For more information on the STRONG clinic, please call Balmain Hospital on 9395 2111, or talk to your GP.

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