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Using cutting-edge technology to improve patient care and safety

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May 2018

Using cutting-edge technology to improve patient care and safety

Using cutting-edge technology to improve patient care and safety

The digital transformation of Sydney Local Health District continues with the successful roll out of handheld mobile scanning technology, reducing costs and improving patient safety.

The eTrak and clinical barcoding program allows clinicians and support staff to capture and record every item used during a procedure, such as a hip or knee prosthesis, pacemakers, defibrillators, stents and catheters.

The information is automatically sent to the patient's electronic medical record (eMR), resulting in more accurate and detailed patient records and a significant reduction in manual data entry. In the case of a product recall, a quick search can extract the information needed to identify affected patients.

The system is also proving beneficial for procurement management as it tracks the implanted items and consumables used and automatically re-orders new stock.

Phase I began in RPA's JL theatres in September 2016 and was completed in April 2017.

Staff found they could make more informed clinical decisions with the ability to compare product specifications and costs in real time before packages were opened. It also provided increased opportunity to recover revenue from more timely and accurate billing.

In the first 12 months following go-live, almost half a million dollars of revenue was recovered and significant overheads saved.

Since then, RPA's Institute Of Rheumatology And Orthopaedics, Medical Imaging, Vascular Access Team, Cardiac Catheter Lab, Endoscopy, Bronchoscopy and Bone Marrow Units have successfully implemented the system.

At Concord Hospital, the system is currently being rolled out in operating theatres and radiology with the Cardiac Catheter Lab and ACE unit next on the list. Operating theatres at Canterbury Hospital are expected to go live by December.

In the future, it is hoped eTrak and clinical barcoding will be extended to manage blood products, expressed breast milk and fluids.

The program is part of the District's vision to deliver a truly integrated health service that provides excellence in healthcare for our community.

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