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Our local schools show us what they do to be healthy.

School Science Project Competition winners

June 2018

Our local schools show us what they do to be healthy.

Our local schools show us what they do to be healthy.

As part of Innovation Week, we asked schools and childcare centres in the Inner West to tell us what they do to be healthy.

The second annual Healthy Families Healthy Children School Science Project Competition attracted some fantastic entries from across the District, showing there's certainly many varied ways for schools to be healthy!

The winner of the preschool category was Explore and Develop, Lilyfield. The Wombat class (ages 3, 4 and 5 years) told us that being a part of their community is an important part of staying healthy.

Every week they go beyond the gates of their preschool to explore their local area. This means playing in the parks, learning about safety and making friends. Their favourite location is Pioneer Park, which means they trek on foot across the City West Link as part of their expedition.

“By exploring the local community children’s knowledge about the world around them is extended and it gives them a sense of 'their place' within their community," room leader Jordan Martin said.
Birchgrove Public School won the primary school competition for their funny and clever video in which the school gets a check-up by a doctor.

The school, played by student Milo, shows us how it stays healthy by wearing sunscreen, using water refill stations, choosing healthy canteen food, being active and even choosing an apple over a lollipop.

The doctor, played by student Iris, gives the school a clean bill of health.

“Our short film was so much fun to make and we found the finished result hilarious to watch,” Iris and Milo said.

“The ‘school’ costume was awkward to deal with in a really funny way. Getting the costume to the oval on a windy day was quite a challenge, not to mention the difficulty involved in getting it through doorways and up and down stairs.

“We certainly had a terrific time showing off the ways we stay healthy at Birchgrove Public School.”

In the high school category, Santa Sabina College Strathfield won for their entry, "Without music, life would B ♭ [flat]".

Four students devised and carried out a research study on students aged 12 to 14 years to find out how music affects the brain. Their results found that students who listened to music or played an instrument were able to deal with stress better than those who did not.

“At the beginning of the project we said that we thought that music did have a positive effect on our brains. Our theory was supported as the survey revealed that those who played or listened to music experienced less stress,” the team of Joanna Benedict, Sophia Witting, Sonya Jayatillake and Victoria Kim found.

Mortlake Primary School received a highly commended award. Their model will go on show at Croydon Community Health Centre.

Congratulations to all our winners, who each receive $5000.

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