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Our teams take 10,000 steps a day to improve their health and raise money for charity

Stepping up at work

October 2018

Our teams take 10,000 steps a day to improve their health and raise money for charity

Our teams take 10,000 steps a day to improve their health and raise money for charity

Teams across Sydney Local Health District have stepped-up to a challenge to be active during the workday while raising money for charity.

More than 100 teams joined the Steptember campaign, in which participants aim to take at least 10, 000 steps a day.

Collectively, the District’s teams took more than 116 million steps in Steptember.

One of the teams at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, called 6E2 It Again, recorded the most number of steps in the District last year.

The team – Jodie Walsh, Tessa Spratt, Michelle Frampton and Elizabeth Stojkovska – all work in cardiovascular ward 6 East 2. This year they set themselves a new goal of winning the title of top fundraiser – a feat they achieved.

Nursing unit manager Michelle attributes taking part in Steptember to helping her achieve weight loss.

“Since July, I’ve lost 13 kilos. I think about five kilos has been through taking part in Steptember. It’s been a matter of keeping up my steps. My top day was 22, 000,” she said.

While she’s on her feet in the ward, Michelle also went to the gym and walked after work. She took a total of 421,121 steps in 28 days.

She also changed her diet. “I cut out all sugar. No chocolate or cakes. It’s very easy to say, ‘I’ll have another slice of cake’, but it’s purely a habit,” Michelle said.

She plans to maintain her new approach. “I’m enjoying it.  I like seeing the benefits. The exercise and my change in diet led to the weight loss. I’ll aim to keep the steps up too,” she said.  
Steptember raises money for people with cerebral palsy who can often find it hard to take a single step.

6E2 It Again was the District’s top fundraiser, collecting more than $5000 dollars for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance for equipment and to fund therapy and services.

Jodie, the ward’s administrator, led the team’s fundraising effort.

“I’m quite an active person. We tried to win the steps again this year and we wanted to get some money together. And I feel good about having raised the money,” she said.

The amount of money the team raised put them in the top 30 across Australia.

The District raised a total of $40,470, putting it in the top four local health districts across NSW.

Fundraising for Steptember is open until October 31. To support kids with cerebral palsy go to and search by a participant’s name, team name or “NSW Health - Sydney Local Health District” to support our Steptember teams.


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