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District develops digital education platform for clinicians during COVID-19

Support, training and education for the frontline

May 2020

District develops digital education platform for clinicians during COVID-19

District develops digital education platform for clinicians during COVID-19

Clinical staff are being offered further education, training and support as the District’s response to COVID-19 continues to unfold.

“The more we plan, organise, develop systems, and smooth pathways, the safer all of us are going to be,” Professor Paul Torzillo, the District’s Clinical Director of Critical Care, said.

“A group of people are working on how we support staff – especially junior medical staff,” Professor Torzillo, who also chairs RPA’s Covid-19 Management Committee, said.

Senior staff stand ready to help their colleagues.

“If junior staff are concerned, or uncertain, or not sure what to do, ask a senior person. You upscale it. Everyone is going to be supporting that process,” Professor Torzillo said.

Staff education, training and information updates are being delivered via a number of platforms.

In addition to live Zoom education sessions, the District has rapidly developed a digital education platform.

The COVID-19 Education for Clinicians site is now live and accessible for all clinicians across the District via any PC or mobile device that has internet access.

Clinicians can use the site to access updates from the Chief Executive Dr Teresa Anderson plus detailed information and instructional training videos about clinical practices, guidelines and recommendations during COVID-19.

The site has been developed by clinical and support staff including the Virtual Education Tiger Team from the Centre for Education and Workforce Development and the District’s wellness program for medical staff, MDOK.

Tiger Team members have also been assigned to every ward to provide additional support or education, when required, across the District’s facilities.

Staff have also been issued with a Care Bag which contains items to make it easier to stay safe.

The drawstring bag contains a second bag (to help when one is in the wash), Ziploc bags for a phone, credit cards and driver’s licence, a zippy tag for an ID badge and tips on staying safe.

Staff wellbeing is paramount.

Neuroscientist and yoga teacher Jennifer Taylor, who works at the District’s Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, has shared simple breathing exercises and yoga postures that may help staff with stress relief and emotional regulation during these challenging times.


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