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Free health checks and information for vets and war widows

Veterans' Health Day

October 2018

Free health checks and information for vets and war widows

Free health checks and information for vets and war widows

More than 80 veterans and war widows came to Concord Hospital for our annual Veterans' Health Day.

Veterans and war widows were offered free health checks and heard the latest information about diabetes management, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the support available for carers.

Sydney Local Health District Endocrinologist Dr Avinash Suryawanshi said there are two important focus areas for successful diabetes management.

"You need to concentrate on two very important things: shared decision making with your healthcare providers, and personalised patient care," Dr Surywanshi said.

"It has to fit in with your lifestyle."

Dr Suryawanshi said there is a range of new medications available to treat diabetes, including some which are injectable and taken weekly rather than daily. Some of the new medications promote weight loss.

"The biggest challenge for management of diabetes is weight gain, so if you have a medication that can help people lose weight, it improves diabetes control and reduces insulin requirement."

Veterans were also keen to discuss the best food choices for diabetes management. Dr Surywanshi said it's best to avoid dense calorie foods like pasta, muffins, pastry and chips and instead eat more salad, vegetables, nuts and fish. Natural carbohydrates from fruit are preferred over carbohydrates from food such as bread and rice.

Two members of the Ukrainian Invictus Games team and their Family and Friends Liaison Officer Nik Matiouk also attended Veterans' Health Day. Nik is a systems manager in the District.

Concord Hospital was establishment as the 113th Australian General Hospital in 1941. Our proud legacy of caring for returned servicemen and women will continue with the development of the National Centre for Veterans' Healthcare, part of stage 1 of Concord Hospital's $341 million redevelopment.

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