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Rapid Applied Research Translation Grants

In 2015 the NHMRC accredited Sydney Health Partners (SHP) as an Advanced Health Research Translation Centre, and recognised as a world leader in translating research into better health outcomes for our community. Patient and public benefit is at the core of what we do.  Through our Partnership we are committed to conducting and using health and medical research to improve the lives of our patients and community faster and more consistently.

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) provides a long term sustainable source of funding for endeavours that aim to improve health outcomes, quality of life and health system sustainability across Australia. The MRFF made an initial funding allocation to SHP of $2.2M for 2018 under the Rapid Applied Research Translation Program, and a further commitment of $6.1M for the period 2019-2021. SHP will release up to $2M through the current Round 3, for grants commencing January 2019. While we recognise the desirability of multi-year funding, we are only able to commit funds a year at a time. A further funding round (Round 4) is expected in the second half of 2019 for grants commencing January 2020.

Applications for proposed projects must fulfil the following eligibility criteria.

Projects must have the capacity to produce outcomes that will be of value to the health system and able to be implemented in a relatively short time.

Principal applicants must be employees of Sydney Health Partners’ member organisations ( Applications must include principal applicants across multiple health service sites to demonstrate collaboration across our partnership. Students of the University of Sydney may be included as principal applicants but not the lead applicant. Applications involving multidisciplinary teams will be viewed favourably.

Other persons involved in the proposed project (e.g., researcher from other organisations, consumers, etc.) may be listed as "other collaborators".

Although all successful grants will eventually be managed by the University of Sydney, applications must identify one SHP health service (SLHD, WSLHD, NSLHD, or SCHN (at Westmead)) as the leading organisation for the proposed project to demonstrate its health focus.

Proposed projects must align with one or more of the following MRFF priorities:

  • Clinical pathways and care transition: building collaboration across the care continuum, enhancing data integration and strengthening health services, implementation, and public and preventive research capacity and activity
  • Clinical variation: driving data linkage and integration as key to understanding and reducing unwarranted variation in clinical care and outcome
  • Improving the health of vulnerable groups:  including those with chronic comorbidities, those towards the end of life and disadvantaged ethnic and Indigenous groups
  • Other priorities nominated by the Commonwealth for MRFF funding. In 2018-19 they include wound care, and aged care/preventing hospital admissions among the elderly.

It is desirable, but not essential, that applications align with one or more thematic streams of Sydney Health Partners (see

Grant Funding Available
A maximum of $200,000 is available per grant.  Grants will be awarded initially for a 12-month period.  Grant recipients who received MRFF funding from Sydney Health Partners in 2018 and who can demonstrate strong progress may re-apply for a second year of funding. Other eligible applicants can apply for new funding.

Funds can be used for costs associated with conducting research and translation activities, but cannot be directed towards capital works, general maintenance costs, telephone/communication systems, basic office equipment such as desks and chairs, rent and the cost of utilities.

Application and Assessment Process
Applications must be submitted using the MRFF 2018 RART Round 3 Application Form. Please submit the form as a Microsoft Word version; do not save it as a PDF. No additional or other documents will be accepted. Applications should be completed using Arial 11pt and line width single spacing.  Applications must be signed by the Lead Investigator.

Applications will be assessed initially against the eligibility criteria outlined above. Any application that does not fulfil those criteria will not proceed further.

Applications will then be submitted for initial ranking to the SHP health service organisation nominated by applicants as the leading organisation for the proposed project.

The highest ranked applications will proceed to assessment by a panel appointed by the SHP Governing Council, comprising a Chief Executive of a health service, a Senior University representative, an MRI representative, representatives of NSW Ministry of Health and/or its pillars, and SHP representatives. At the discretion of the Panel, additional external reviews may be sought for individual applications.

Final funding recommendations will be made to the Chair, SHP. Successful applicants will be announced by 21 September 2018, with grants commencing 1 January 2019.  See MRFF 2018 Round 3 Assessment Processfor details.

Grants will be allocated through the University of Sydney. University-affiliated fund recipients will be assigned a University cost centre, as per usual NHMRC grant funding practices.
Non-University fund recipients will be required to enter into a formal funding agreement with the University through their host organisation.

Inquiries can be directed to

Applications must be submitted as a Microsoft Word version only (not PDF) by 5:00 pm on Monday 30 July 2018 to:

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