Sydney Research

Sydney Research Awards and Scholarship Program 2015



Research Excellence Award for the best publication in a high impact journal

Professor John Chalmers, The George Institute.

“Follow-up of Blood-Pressure Lowering and Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes”

New England Journal of Medicine 2014

Young Researcher Award

Associate Professor Sydney Ch'ng, RPA

Associate Professor Sydney Ch'ng

Research Supervisor Award

Dr Kirsty Waters, ANZAC Research Institute

Annual Health Research Infrastructure Award

Dr Megan Brewer, ANZAC Research Institute

Dr Megan Brewer

Clinician Researcher Scholarship

Michelle Barakat-Johnson, Clinical Nurse Consultant in Amputation and Rehabilitation at RPA

Michelle Barakat-Johnson

Health Informatics Researcher Scholarship

Robyn Sierla, a Senior Occupational Therapist in RPA's Outpatient Lymphedema Service

Robyn Sierla