Sydney Research

Sydney Research Awards and Scholarship Program 2016



Research Excellence Award for the best publication in a high impact journal

Professor Barbara Fazekas de St Groth and Dr Holly Bolton, The Centenary Institute.

“Selective Treg reconstitution normalizes DC costimulation and prevents graft-versus-host”

The Journal of Clinical Investigation 2015

Professor Barbara Fazekas de St Groth

Young Researcher Award

Dr Greg Fox, Respiratory Medicine RPA and Central Clinical School, University of Sydney

Dr Greg Fox

Research Supervisor Award

Associate Professor Lisa Keay, The George Institute and University of Sydney

Associate Professor Lisa Keay

Annual Health Research Infrastructure Award

Dr Vivien Chen, Haematologist, Concord Hospital and researcher at the ANZAC Research Institute

Dr Vivien Chen

Clinician Researcher Scholarship

Dr Sonali Gnanenthiran, Cardiology advanced trainee, Concord Hospital

Dr Sonali Gnanenthiran

Health Informatics Researcher Scholarship

Dr Simone Visser, Respiratory Fellow, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Dr Simone Visser

The Josette Marie Eris Memorial Scholarship

Dr Susan Wan, VMO Renal Physician, Department of Renal Medicine at RPA and PhD Candidate, University of Sydney and RPA Renal Department

Dr Tracey Ying, VMO Renal Medicine, RPA and PhD Candidate University of Sydney

Dr Susan Wan - Dr Tracey Ying