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Sydney Research was formed in 2013 to optimise and harness expertise and leadership in research, healthcare and education across Sydney Local Health District (SLHD). Sydney Research aspires to be a world leader in health and medical research, converting discoveries into improved health and wellbeing for our community.

Our mission is to bring together leading clinicians, researchers, industry partners and our community within a truly collaborative group, to optimise research innovation, translation and implementation. We play an important role in promoting collaboration and coordinating the efforts of our leading and geographically proximate organisations.

Underpinning Sydney Research is a focus on the core values of equity, quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Our key strategic focus areas are: research culture, optimising capabilities, sustainable infrastructure and growth, and prominence and communications.

At Sydney Research, our primary purpose is innovation. Innovation to translate cutting-edge research into patient care; to deliver improved outcomes for patients; to equip health professionals with the skills and knowledge they need; and to improve the health and wellbeing of our population. Click here to read some of our innovation impact stories.