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If presenting in person to a bulk compliance day or visiting our office in person the clinical facilitator will be required to provide the following information to gain full compliance status.

    1. An Australian National Police Certificate. SLHD prefers facilitators provide a National Police Certificate obtained from here. If a facilitator is employed by an agency on behalf of an education provider, a letter from the agency stating that they have a valid criminal record check is acceptable. The expiry date of this type of document is three years from the date of issue.

    2. A signed NSW Health Code of Conduct form.

    3. Evidence of NSW Working with Children Check - the WWCC 'number' issued on documentation provided by the RMS must be provided; not a copy of the application receipt number indicating that an application to obtain a WWCC has been completed. The WWCC number will be validated by SLHD Human Resources and the clinical facilitators profile will only be updated to compliant once this has occurred.

    4. AHPRA Registration Number (if applicable)

    5. All immunisation history including serology and a completed form 1 and form 2 must be submitted for review by Staff Health. Immunisation cards must be completed correctly; that is Medical Officers must sign each vaccination and provide their practice stamp and provider number. Hepatitis B and Rubella serology must be recorded as numerical values - not 'positive' or 'negative'. If the facilitator has been issued with a 'Certificate of Compliance' by another LHD this will be deemed acceptable and can be provided as proof of immunisation clearance. Note however, SLHD Staff health do not issue 'Certificates of Compliance'.

    6. Present a signed 'Attachment B Facilitators in ClinConnect Consent Form'

    7. SLHD staff must also complete the 'SLHD Compliance Summary Sheet for Clinical Facilitators'

    8. Further information relating to facilitator compliance is available from here

All documentation presented to SLHD staff for verification purposes must be scanned and emailed in pdf format to