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Mandatory Training

NSW Health and the Health Education Training Institute (HETI), strongly recommend that students complete five on-line learning/training modules which will assist in ensuring that patients and their families are safe whilst in our care. NSW Health staff will be able to view when a student has completed these modules as the dates of completion are recorded on the placement allocation report.

Students will be provided with a StaffLink ID number (emailed to the student by eHealth) 14-days prior to the start date of their first clinical placement; the Staff Link ID number is used when logging into My Health Learning to complete these modules.  Access to the My Health Learning platform will be available to the student 14-days prior to the placement commencing, for the duration of the clinical placement and for 14-days after the end of the clinical placement. Access to My Health Learning will automatically be reactivated for each subsequent clinical placement and the same time frame of access will apply. Education providers should ensure that the correct end date of a clinical placement is recorded in ClinConnect to prevent access to on-line applications being disabled.

If students have issues with access to My Health Learning or on-line learning modules contact HETI at: OR

The State Wide Help desk on 1300 28 55 33 OR

Review the information located on this website:

To commence completing on-line patient safety modules click the Login to My Health Learning link from here

SLHD eMR Access - Information for Nursing and Midwifery Students only*

Access to the SLHD eMR (electronic medical record) is only available if evidence of completion of ‘Overview of the eMR for Nursing Students’ and the ‘eMR-User Access Request Form’ have been completed and submitted no later than seven-days prior to a clinical placement commencing. This is to provide adequate time for CST staff to establish access for the student. Once accounts have been created, CST will provide log-on information to the education provider in order to pass onto students.

Please note that whilst this revised application form has been created for SLHD staff members, students are reminded that they must have completed ‘Overview of the eMR for Nursing Students’ prior to access being granted. An example of how the application form must be completed is supplied below.

*From 1 April 2019, students are expected to have access to the eMR arranged before the commencement of their clinical placement. Not having eMR Access may impact on their ability to achieve educational objectives.

From February 10, 2020 the user name to gain access to the SLHD eMR will always be the students stafflink number with a capital ‘S’.

However, CST will still require new application form from ALL STUDENTS whether or not they have an account that has been created for a previous placement.

This is so CST can update accounts and reset the passwords. Old student accounts won’t have the ‘S’ and students will not be able to change their passwords.

For eMR access for all other health related disciplines, please discuss this with the SLHD Health Informatics Unit Where eMR applications have been submitted by the education provider and students are expressing concern regarding their inability to log into the eMR, the education provider can follow up with CST directly to discuss this issue by emailing

Students are responsible for completing steps 1- 5.

Education Providers are responsible for completing steps 7- 9.

SLHD is responsible for completing steps 10-11.

  1. Students:
    Nursing & Midwifery students are to log in to My Health Learning - instructions above - and search the catalogue for ‘Overview of the eMR for Nursing Students’ and complete this module in addition to any other patient safety eLearning modules identified (if not yet already completed).
    Note: A guide for students (Nursing and Midwifery) to assist you to find the eMR training module in My Health Learning is located here.

  2. Nursing & Midwifery students are then to download and complete the COVID-19 eMR User Access Form An example of how this form MUST be completed is located here Incomplete or incorrect application forms will be rejected.

  3. Students that are already employees of NSW Health are required to apply for access to the SLHD eMR and note their existing Staff Link number on the application form. A new Staff Link number will be generated by CST which identifies the individual as a ‘student’ and this number will be used to access the SLHD eMR. This is to prevent the student logging into the eMR using the Staff Link number from their substantive role.

  4. Handwriting must be legible on the eMR application form and also note the proposed dates of clinical placement.

  5. Upon completion of the online module ‘Overview of the eMR for Nursing Students’, students are to provide the completed 'eMR-User Access Request Form' ensuring it has been completed as per the supplied example to their respective education provider for processing.

  6. The education provider must ensure that the 'eMR-User Access Request Form' is witnessed by the Clinical Placement Coordinator or other authorised University representative on pages 1 AND 2, to confirm the identity of the student. The document should be reviewed prior to submission to ensure it has been correctly completed - the students Staff Link number and University email address must be clearly legible.

  7. Education Providers:
    The education provider then collates application forms and includes a placement allocation report for each facility; this will allow CST to confirm that incoming students have completed the required on-line eLearning module ‘Overview of the eMR for Nursing Students’. Please supply this report as per the example supplied here.

  8. By education providers supplying this report along with eMR applications, students will no longer need to provide their ‘Certificate of Achievement' which has been identified by education providers as a delay in collating documentation. This will also provide the education provider with the opportunity to follow-up students that have not completed the required eMR training module in My Health Learning which will prevent the student from gaining access to the SLHD eMR.

  9. Once the education provider has collated all application forms and created a placement allocation report for each facility, this set of documents is emailed to the SLHD Clinical Placement Unit at

    Please remind clinical facilitators not to instruct students to contact CST if no application form has been submitted or request local staff to ‘sign-off’ and initiate eMR access.

  10. SLHD:
    When received, applications will then be passed onto CST to process.

  11. Once student accounts have been created, CST will send an email to the education provider contact providing log-in details/passwords etc. This information can then be passed onto facilitators and students. Please remind students to read their emails to ensure they are aware of their password to gain access to the eMR.