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Palliative Care Service

Palliative Care Service

Palliative care offers sensitive and compassionate medical and supportive care for patients with a life limiting illness, their families and friends. Support is provided in the Hospital, the palliative care centre and at home.


Dr Ghauri Aggarwal - Head of Department 
Hospital Consult Service Concord Centre for Palliative Care
Dr Kat Urban -  Staff Specialist  Paul Kaura - Nursing Unit Manager
Dr Jessica Lee - Staff Specialist Cathy McDonnell - Clinical Nurse Consultant
Dr Dipti Mittal - Staff Specialist Kelly Russel - Clinical Nurse Educator
Christiana Guthrie - Clinical Nurse Consultant Brendan Myhill - Social Worker 
Leonie Iskov - Community Clinical Nurse Consultant Clare Fitzmaurice - Social Worker
Tanya Munn - Clinical Nurse Specialist Jenni Hart - Occupational Therapist
Michael Dash - Bereavement Coordinator Alicia Ludkin - Physiotherapist
Patricia McLoughlin - Bereavement Counsellor Diana Horrex - Clinical Psychologist
Victoria Worledge - Bereavement Counsellor Jacqueline Martinez - Volunteer Coordinator 
Jenniffer Castillo - Administrative Officer  Gina Fletcher - Residential Aged Care Coordinator 
Medical officers Advanced Trainee registrars and JMO’s  Access to Hospital social work, physio, OT's