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NSW Population-based Birth Percentile Charts

The birthweight percentile charts were derived from population data obtained from the NSW Midwives Data Collection (Beeby P, Bhuta T, Taylor L. J Paediatr Child Health 1996; 32: 512-518), utilising over 400,000 cases. Additionally, percentile charts were developed for birth length and head circumference using data from the neonatal and obstetric databases at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, these data not being included in the midwives data collection.

To view birthweight percentile charts, click the following links: males, females
To download Powerpoint 97 files (zipped), click the following link: Male, female charts. These files, when printed using a laser printer, provide good printed charts (weight, length and head circumference) for general nursery use.

The table below provides a tool to calculate percentiles for birth weight, length and head circumference. The calculation utilises the mean and standard deviations which are available in the above publication. Please note that no responsibility can be accepted for the use of this calculator.

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