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Disclaimer: These clinical aids are made available on-line as a stimulus for interchange of knowledge and ideas in the field of Neonatology. They are provided "as-is" and without support or warranty of any kind. Many of the protocols presented here may not be appropriate for use in nurseries other than at RPA, especially in non-Australian institutions. Some items are more up to date than others. Although we use these materials ourselves, and have verified all information to the best of our ability, no responsibility is accepted for their use outside this department. 

Template for clinical guideline

NHMRC LOE and GOR evidence_statement_form 



Admission policy
Anthropometry - Growth and measurement
Antenatal corticosteroids
Antenatal steroids parent info
Apnoea & Bradycardia
Babies safe sleeping practices (NSW Health)
Bacterial infection
Bilious Vomiting
Candida infection
Chronic lung disease
Circulatory support
CLD air challenge
COVID19 Management of the newborn
COVID19 Parent Information
Develop. dysplasia of the hip
Donor human milk: NSW Health and Australian Red Cross Blood Service Partnership Service Protocol
Early pulse oximetry screening
Exchange transfusion
Extravasation injuries
Feeding protocol
General Movements Assessment
General Movements Parent Info
Hepatitis B
Infants of HBsAg positive mothers letter to GP_template
Hepatitis C - (ASID)
Herpes simplex type 1 & 2 - (ASID)
Home Tube Feeding
Home Oxygen
Human Immunodeficiency Virus-(ASID)

Hypothermia for HIE
Neonatal Encephalopathy Chart
Infection control
Intubation/sedation Drugs
Jaundice - Conjugated
Late Premature Infant
Newborn Infants Exposed to SSRI/SNRI Antidepressant Medication during Pregnancy and Lactation
Meconium aspiration
Metabolic bone disease
National immunisation schedule July 2020
Neonatal Early Assessment Program
Necrotising Enterocolitis
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Neonatal Escalation
Neonatal Attendance in ED
Newborns of haemophilia carriers
Non-invasive ventilation and CPAP
Oxygen saturation screening
Oxygen therapy
Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Percutaneous long lines
Persistent pulmonary hypertension
Plagiocephaly _ NSW Health

Postmortem - NSW Perinatal Service
Renal Pelvic Dilatation
Resuscitation - ANZCOR Flow Chart
Resuscitation - ANZCOR guidelines
Retinopathy of Prematurity
Retinopathy of Prematurity: Parent information.
Retinopathy of Prematurity - Laser SWP
Safe Management of Expressed Breast Milk in Hospital
SHIFT TEST - Protocol
SHIFT TEST - Parent information
Small baby guideline
Smoking exposure avoidance
Stillbirth and neonatal death
Subgaleal haemorrhage
Sudden unexpected collapse of Infant (SUDI)
Surfactant - Preterm
Surfactant - Term
Syphilis- (ASID)
Thyroid Disease - Infants of mothers
Total Parenteral Nutrition
TPN Appendix: TPN Formulations
Transfusion of Blood Products 
Umbilical Venous Catheters
Ventilation-Volume Guarantee
Ventilation - High Frequency